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Delivery systems from AKM -mechanical engineering

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About us


AKM mechanical engineering offers solutions in the area of the paper subsequent treatment to your customers.

In our systems we can press and lay out from 1 fall- up to 32 sites folded-bend . The counting and displace in single and in the multiple use is possible. Individual solutions, can be constructed and manufactured in the house AKM mechanical engineering.

Standard solutions are pressing units with scales and flat stack outlay as well as vertical press stacker. AKM mechanical engineering offers a vertical press stacker in the area of the small fold use to allow to press very short products to receive therefore a optimum folded, pressed product.

We orientate our service uncompromising by the wishes of the customers. We are anxious not only to achieve your expectations but to exceed them. Cooperation, exchange of ideas and partnership are essential for reaching these aims. We reach this with our high motivated, flexible, dedicated and certified employees.
We concentrate us on the abidance by the law and avoiding systematically of any possible mistake by constant improvement of all internal workflow within quality and health and safety.


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